Assumption Public Library
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History of Assumption
Public Library

The Assumption Public Library was originated in August of 1903 as a small library above the Shafer Furniture and Undertaking Business, 209 North Chestnut Street. The library stayed there five years. The city council established the first library board and appointed the following citizens to serve: S.A. Shafer, I.L.Long, Thomas Devlin, T.C.Gale, Byron Bowers, Mrs. A.L. Moore, Ivah Fear, Emma Reading and Karl Hight. S.A Shafer was elected president and Karl Hight secretary.  Both of these officers served for twenty-one years.

Help received for the maintenance of the Library, the first year, was from the City Council, Ladies Donation, Sarah Kemmerer, Walking Library Show, Men's Minstrel, Century Club, and Box Supper. Numerous books were donated that first year and the first order for books from McClurb was in for $46.05.

mrs. Sarah Kemmerer in 1908, presented a gift of money in memory of her husband with which to build the Hotel Philip. She specified with the gift that the Public Library should have a permanent home within the hotel building. In 1989 the hotel was declared condemned, and the Library was moved to a store front building at 131 North Chestnut street in the fall of that year. The Library remained there until Federal Grant money was received for new construction in 1992. The groundbreaking ceremony at 295 North Oak Street was held on Saturday, November 7, 1992. On may 27, 1993 the Library moved into the new building using many volunteers. Open House and dedication ceremonies were held on June 13,1993.